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            What is aluminum die casting

            * : * : admin * : 2021-03-31 * : 10
            What is aluminum die casting, as the name suggests, is pressure casting parts. Why is it made of aluminum? It is aluminum that is irrigated under certain conditions. In fact, in a certain shape of the mold, the casting pressure machine is poured with liquid aluminum or steel. This kind of process mold is aluminum die casting.

            Aluminum die casting is widely used in the field of practical engineering, for example, it can become an important part in any complex machinery, and simple mechanical splicing is a common component in a certain range. And there are many kinds of aluminum die castings, the shape is also very comprehensive.

            There are a wide range of aluminum die casting auto parts, aluminum die casting engine parts, aluminum die casting power parts, aluminum die casting motor parts. The main application is still in the automobile manufacturers, because of the quality of production, the development of automobile technology will be more breakthrough and innovation.